The app's many learn and play features help to stimulate children's natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge, fire their imaginations, foster an interest in animals and nature and provide opportunities for cognitive and skills development.


The app's Play section offers four fun games to make learning about mammals exciting, educational and entertaining – and keep young children engaged for hours.


Memory game – Match pairs of cards as quickly as possible. There are 4 games, so kids can move to the next level as they become more skilled. ** Develops fine-motor skills; hand-eye coordination; memory and concentration; recognition of animals, colors and shapes; reasoning and logical thinking.


Jigsaw puzzles – Four puzzles (16-piece, 25-piece, 36-piece and 49-pieces) with delightful nature scenes and increasing levels of difficulty. ** Stimulates fine-motor skills; hand-eye coordination; problem solving; shape and color recognition; reasoning and logical thinking.


Animal-naming game – Learn the names of animals by matching words and illustrations and then practice to
pronounce them correctly. ** Helps with verbal and language development; identifying animals
and learning their names; letter and word recognition; visual literacy.


Nature clean-up game – Develop a sense of nature conservation by dragging
and dropping litter into recycling bins to clean up a polluted nature scene.
** Encourages awareness of nature conservation; creativity
and imaginative thinking; visual literacy;
sense of achievement.


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